Goron’s Ruby Replica – Legend of Zelda Spiritual Stone


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Get yourself the Goron’s Ruby, a famous stone from iconic group of spiritual stones from the videogame The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

3D printed and assembled ready to go.

– Small – 7.5×8.5×4 Centimeters
– XL – 19x24x11 Centimeters

“Goron’s Ruby is the second of three Spiritual Stones in Ocarina of Time.

It once stood on a plinth high in the main cavern of Goron City, but the Big Boss of the Gorons, Darunia, removed it for fear a Goron would eat it out of hunger, with Dodongo’s Cavern sealed. He later gives it to Link in thanks for reopening Dodongo’s Cavern.

Link subsequently uses the three Spiritual Stones to to open the Door of Time in the Temple of Time.”

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Small – 7.5×8.5×4, XL – 19x24x11


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